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Basque burnt pumpkin cheesecake

I just realized i haven't posted any pumpkin recipe this fall🙄 but no worries the season is not over yet! I've created a few pumpkin recipes for you and i just want to get them postedbefore holiday baking season takes over.
The pumpkin saga starts with this cheesecake, one of the best cheesecakes i've ever made and i make a lot of cheesecake!
With a soft and creamy texture not overly sweet this easy pumpkin recipe is perfect for fall baking.It is made with homemade butternut squash puree,enhanced with a subtle blend of cinnamon and nutmeg then baked until is burnt on top!YUM!
I prefer to make my own pumpkin puree,to me texture and flavor are different from canned one.I tested several types of pumpkins(from those i found available in Portugal) and butternut squash was more flavorful and sweeter than others that's why i highly recommend to use this one!
In case you'll use store bought pumpkin puree the texture and taste will be slightly different,more dense and probably…

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