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Berries fluffy sponge cake

Couldn't let summer go by without making a berry cake and it's one of the simplest and fluffiest cake you'll ever make.The egg whites are whisked with sugar until you get a stiff and glossy meringue then egg yolk mixture and flour are folded in. This method ensures a super fluffy and light texture.It's foolproof and makes a spongy,fluffy crumb every time.This is my go to recipe for fresh fruit cakes but it works perfectly with frozen or canned ones too. In this one i used frozen berries as i've had some left in the freezer from last year,but if you have fresh  ones even better! Also peaches and plums are an excellent choice as they're at their best right now. Apricots,cherries and strawberries shine in this cake,if you still can find any at the market.If you like a light and airy fruit cake studded with refreshing and juicy fruit, this is the recipe.Enjoy! Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cooking Time: 25 Minutes Yield:12 portions INGREDIENTS: 5 large eggs,room temperature

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